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Fiona White


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Insights – Clarity – Empowerment

The wise man doesn’t give the right answers,
he poses the right questions
- Claude Levi-Strauss

I am taking a long sabbatical to further my education, until late 2017.

Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome to Mediation Matters

What would it mean to you to learn life-changing skills, to improve your communication and conflict competence, to be able to handle challenging conversations in a really positive way, and to ensure your safety in the process?
Fiona White can help you achieve all this through:
Conflict is an inevitable part of our lives, and yet many of us are not as adept as we would like to be at dealing with it effectively. At times we need a little help to unbundle the issues, to ask ourselves the questions to gain clarity and insights, and to be supported in making our own decisions.

Fiona is a strong believer in self-determination and empowerment, and that you are the expert on your own life. In Coaching and Mediation you are the decision-maker; Fiona is there to support and guide you through the process and to pose the right questions for you to find your own solutions – ones that are right for you. She does not provide answers or advice, but instead offers information to assist you in gaining a better understanding of the mechanisms of conflict, and fundamental strategies for self-care and improved communication. In her Skills Workshops, Fiona presents the most valuable tools that she has acquired along the way, and covers conflict in all areas of our lives - all delivered in a welcoming, interactive, and safe environment.

My clients include:

  • CEO's
  • HR Managers
  • Health & Safety Managers
  • Private individuals
  • State-owned enterprises
  • Government organisations
  • SME's
  • Manufacturing plants
  • An international trade advisory board
  • Libraries
  • Community organisations
  • Educational institutions


You always work really hard to make sure everyone gets something out of working with you and that what you say is accessible and relevant, and - well, you're a star! Thank you for agreeing to offer and facilitate the webinar session; very much appreciated.” Hazel Owen (ICT Enhanced Learning & Teaching Consultant)

"The conflict coaching process has been enormously empowering for me. I definitely gained new and somewhat surprising insights into the ways that I operate and things I can think about when approaching conflicts in the future. Thanks to this process I feel better equipped to manage conflicts that arise, and to address my own behaviour to avoid destructive conflict. Thank you." D.B. (HR Manager)

"Conflict coaching gave me the opportunity to be heard. The process gave me time to reflect, identify, and work on finding actual solutions to the problem at hand." Gavin H (CEO)

"You're a miracle worker! I feel so much calmer now." J.P. (Operations Manager)

"Fiona has a really methodical way of looking at the issue. She helped me a lot to get to a place where I knew what I wanted to say and how to say it. It was really helpful to have someone to listen and coach on which direction to take. I couldn't have done it without her. It's really improved the vibe around the office. It's been huge in improving relations. The office is a nicer place to be thanks to Fiona." N.S. (Teacher)

I gained resolution, confidence, and more respect for the other person’s perspective.” S.R. (Director, HR Consultancy)

“You were fantastic. The insights were extraordinary. Excellent usable advice for difficult situations. We thank you for that.” Neville Aitchison, Bulletin Editor and Past President, Penrose Rotary Club

Excellent – allowed me to work through and identify some useful strategies for dealing with this conflict in the future. It was a positive, calming & quite insightful experience.M.D. (Health and Safety Manager)

"Great for the professionalism and confidentiality. Fiona succeeded in turning the employees' focus in on themselves, while at the same time allowing the managers to reflect on the issue/situation in a new light. The follow-up from Fiona after the sessions was invaluable, as were the recommendations for different ways we could approach future issues. If I hadn't used Conflict Coaching, I would possibly have approached the Department of Labour to look at their mediation services, which I now realise wouldn't have been the best solution." Katie Barden, (HR Manager)

"I found your presentation extremely useful - the style with which you presented was excellent. Interestingly, I found myself using 'NVC' language during a discussion this morning- Fabulous!" Kylie H (Mediator & Organisational Adviser)

"Overall, the Conflict Coaching experience is the richest experience I have ever known, most importantly for being understood due to the lack of judgements or insecurities of the person you have trusted to help you - Fiona. She helps create the greatest solutions in a very very short time. If most professionals had Fiona White's approach to dealing with things, then a doctor would have healthier patients, an employer would have happier employees, and the world would be the paradise we all long for to see on this earth." Don F (Author, and Good Samaritan)

Call Fiona today on 021 232 6805 or send an email to to arrange a free consultation around your needs and how Mediation Matters can support you (and your staff).
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